1. Alright, I don’t know how many responses I’m going to get for this [or any at that] , but this is really important for me.

    In two years time, around June/July off 2015, I will be travelling to Ecuador and staying there for the proceeding month. This isn’t a holiday- we [the group of 20 or so going] will not be staying in any hotels. Mostly, we’ll be sleeping in tents in the Amazon and everything we’re taking will be on our backs.

    As a brief overview, the main highlights are going to be climbing a volcano, helping a village with various projects such as building houses or perhaps a school, and then finally we will visit the Galapagos Islands- this will be our “rest” week. It’s going to be exhausting, but worth it!

    Now, the reason I’m posting this on Tumblr is because I can’t afford it. None of us on the trip can afford the whole amount of money- Roughly £5000 when insurance, inoculations, equipment and so on are added to the original total of £4,500 [if you’re American the total translates to about $8000] Some of you will be saying 2 years is plenty of time to spread the cost. We’ve done the calculations and it’s not in our circumstances [and many others going]

    Luckily, they aren’t expecting us to just give them the money. We’ve all got to fundraise it! And one of the ways I thought I might be able to do it is to sell commissions…

    I don’t know how much for yet, but my basic idea is I’d either [depending on what the commission is] I’d draw/paint etc the image, scan it into my computer and then send it to you via email after confirmation of pay- beforehand I’d post a watermarked version for you to be sure it’s done- from then on you can do whatever you want with the image, even claim it’s yours. Hey, you’ve payed so I don’t mind so much. Just be warned, my signature will be on it somewhere. But I won’t call you out.

    The other option would be for me to draw it up on my computer (after scanning in the line art to make it easier for me~) and then use the same method of watermark-payment-email kind of thing.

    I WILL NOT encourage the next option- you could commission me to paint a picture and then mail it to you. Now, a piece of paper or even a canvas can easily get damaged in any mailing system, even with protection. So if you did want me to do this then I take no responsibility for damages.

    As said, I don’t know how much I will be charging for various things [if anyone actually is interested] but I’m flexible. If you can only afford a certain amount then I can deal with that. Just, please be willing to put a little more money into it if you possibly can.

    If you’re interested, I’m starting right now. Probably as soon as next week if I can sort everything out. I’m being smothered by coursework but I still have enough time for a few pictures a week.

    Inbox me on this account, or at welcometocecilla [my other account which is for rp, but I’m on it more often so  you’re more likely to catch me] If you prefer email, inbox me still and I’ll give you my official one.

    Even if you aren’t going to commission me for anything, please reblog this so I can gain support.

    If this does take off I’ll post another message containing prices, a few more examples of my work and possible commission options.

    Thanks guys <3

     P.S: All payments would have to be through PayPal- it’s the only real option I can trust

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